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A song celebration of LOVE, of the appreciation of having the right to be and live free in the environment of equality and equal justice for all! However, though, in many yet still tragic ways, America has failed and forgotten it’s all too important creed when it comes to it’s bound obligations to our black population and communities…with the neglect of and deprivation of enough financial and services resources applied to it’s people of beautiful color populations!!! And it’s historic ignored lack of sense….that BLACK LIVES DO MATTER….should matter, and must be valued same and equally…as all other lives in this country, considered our nation!!! As all people of beautiful living color lives, should and must be!!! And is required to be!….


In example, my original song of music presented here, “To Be Free” is inspired of the many possibilities and opportunities I have had in my life and times….and we all have inherited here in this, our country. The gifts I’ve been bestowed, have and been allowed to develop nurture and share freely to use to my benefit has led me to a place of inspired and joyful realization of such privilege as freedom adores!! Along with the pleasure to have enjoyed with others also creative….and their gifts and contributions we have been given and granted to share and enjoy with others, and amongst ourselves! And to have been blessed with, in living our lives in a free nation, where dreams can and do come really true!!! If one so greatly wishes, desire and want them to!! That one educates him or herself, and apply themselves to and in that quest for achievement, accomplishment and success!! And works hard to it and towards it to become and be!! To bring it to realization and fruition in accomplishment.


To live the life you wish and want to live. Therefore….

To be, what you want to be…

To go, where you wanna go….

To do, what you wanna do….

Though we may not be perfect, but change is up to YOU, the people to rise up and require there be CHANGE!!!

For we are free to express our loves, “In Our Country”!!!

Because we here in America…do know….what it means “To Be Free”!!!

As we live it, every day…though our social and racial equality, is still imperfect... 

We have to do!! Let's get to it...



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