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Jonathan Moffett at NAMM 2019

After undergoing a triple bypass heart surgery on Nov, 2, 2019, Jonathan made his public appearance at NAMM 2019 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Orange County, California. Jonathan was touched by all the outpour of love from all the fans! He was stopped every two minutes with words of love, positivity, encouragement,

and prayers by thousands and thousands of fans and musicians for FOUR DAYS!

He is truly thankful for all the love, during some of the most difficult moments of his life. In fact, the continuous love love and positivity have only aided in accelerating his healing! He even surprised himself with his energy and strength all throughout the four-day convention.

Jonathan did several interviews at NAMM including with Drumeo and Earthworks. It was announced during his interview with Dave Atkinson (Drumeo) that his "Smooth Criminal" video was their most viral video to date (over 32 million views all over the Internet to date!)! So congrats to both Jonathan and Drumeo!

He also signed some new deals and is endorsing some new products - which will be announced to the public very soon!

Jonathan has some exciting projects in the works (which can not be disclosed at this very moment), and he will ALSO reunite with his drum kits in about a week! It will be his first time getting behind the kit since his heart surgery!

In the next several weeks, Jonathan will be getting himself back in shape and will train until he fully regains his complete strength which will possibly take another month or so. So that means no kung-fu cymbal catches (or backlash-whiplash, as he calls it). At least not for another few months....

He will be releasing a series of new performance videos soon as well!! So stay tuned!!

Jonathan is thrilled to be able to finally resume some of his unfinished projects from last year...

We once again thank you for the continued love and support!!

This year will be one of the best years for Jonathan Moffett to date....

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