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Jonathan Moffett

2219 West Olive Ave.

Burbank, CA 91506

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“Nobody plays with as much soul and style as Sugarfoot. He is like a proud animal on stage ready to pounce!”



“This performance of Jackson’s hit “Smooth Criminal” sees Moffett diggining tight into the groove and showing off his insane pocket” [“The 6 Best Drum Videos of 2018”]

-Music Radar


“Jonathan Moffett is a great contribution to DW (Drum Workshop inc.) and to the drumming community. What Buddy Rich was to hands...technique, and he set a bar for it, Jonathan was the first guy to get the bass drum going as fast as he did!

-Don Lombardi (President of DW Drums)


“I had the distinct pleasure of playing with Jonathan Moffett on Madonna’s Blonde Ambition tour and he is one of the best show drummers I’ve ever played with. He is a consummate professional. Plays the parts with feeling and excitement, remembers arrangements like his mind is a steel trap

-Darryl Jones (bassist for The Rolling Stones)

"We had the pleasure of having Jonathan Moffett out to film some entertaining and educational content for drummers. Jonathan worked extremely hard and the content we collaborated on has been viewed more than 30 million times. Not only is he an amazing drummer and performer, he is one of the kindest people I have ever met."

-Jared Falk

(founder of Drumeo)


“When I think of Jonathan Moffet I think of  a kind and motivating example of how to stand the test of time while maintaining relationships and career goals.”

-Brian Fraiser Moore (drummer for Jennifer Lopez)

"Every one knows Michael was a stickler for perfection. Every time he performed he wanted it perfect. And the people he worked with strived to meet that expectation. You're looking at a man who has gone to that level of perfection."


(Viewer comment on "Smooth Criminal" YouTube Video)

"The drummer alone is amazing! To have Michael singing with this musician is incredible"

-Beyond Cycle 

(Viewer comment on "Smooth Criminal" YouTube Video)

Jonathan Moffett is a legendary and award-winning drummer and viral star and is the man behind Michael Jackson’s live beats for over 30 years. Even up to the rehearsals he performed with Michael  for his“This Is It” tour before his untimely passing. Jonathan will be performing about 15-20 of the hit songs he performed live with Michael Jackson over the span of three decades on a massive 3 bass drum kit and will command the stage while Michael Jackson’s presence will be felt through stunning video visuals, lighting and fog machine. Attendees will get to somewhat experience what a Michael Jackson show really was like and hear the rhythms of Michael Jackson’s beats EXACTLY as they were performed with the pop superstar!


JonathaN live

Here is an example of Jonathan performing Michael Jackson's songs live at a sold-out venue in Australia (500+ seats) all by himself accompanied by a video screen. His new show will step up a bit with even more stunning video visuals, lights and higher grade productions!


VIRAL videos

Below are some of the songs Jonathan performed on Drumeo in 2018 that went viral with a total of 70+ million views! These are some of the songs he will be performing at his show!




“Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin”


“Smooth Criminal”

“The Way You Make Me Feel”

“Billie Jean” 


“Earth Song”

“Beat It”

“Black or White”


“Off the Wall”

“Rock With You”

“Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough”


“Dirty Diana”

“Give in to Me”

“Man in the Mirror”

+ 5 additional songs

(setlist subject to change)


Show Flyer

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