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Over 200 Million Views!

It's been a few years since Jonathan Moffett appeared on Drumeo and released a series of drum performance videos which have now totaled over 200 million views all over the Internet including on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok!

With the success of his Drumeo videos, he has teamed up with a talented group of people and is currently in the process of working on a series of drum performance and masterclass videos similar to his Drumeo videos which he plans to release on his own YouTube channel which is growing rapidly with nearly 300k subscribers. Make sure you to subscribe to Jonathan's YouTube Channel to stay in the loop on the release of these new videos in the coming months!

Between his YouTube, Instagram and Facebook pages, his following has grown rapidly with over 884k followers (and counting!) in the past two years. Jonathan is thankful for each and every one of his followers/subscribers for the love, appreciation and support!

Also, be sure to look out for new drum products Jonathan is currently working on under the Moffett brand! He has a series of new exciting products he looks forward to releasing soon!

Make sure to subscribe to the Sugarfoot Newsletter at the Moffett Store to be the first to be informed of the release of these products!

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