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Jonathan Moffett Statement in Regards to "Leaving Neverland" and Michael Jackson Allegations

As Michael Jackson’s drummer of over 30 years and friend, here is my personal statement in light of the new documentary, “Leaving Neverland” and the allegations against him:

Like that old saying goes: “When at first you don’t succeed…try, try, and TRY again!!” Well, that is what seems to be the motto and the premise for these two guys who keep ON trying to get at Michael through his money. And continue to humiliate and embarrass him with all their own admittedly false accusations evidenced through their admissions they testified and verified of Michael’s innocence time and time again throughout the years since these allegations first came up and about!!! How can they keep being allowed to defame a person who was already cleared on ”14 SEPARATE charges” and accusations in a major public court trial appearance in front of the whole entire world? Why is it allowed again and again…when Michael was proved innocent already? With the same people revamping and reshuffling their decks to try a rehashed version of their same old allegations and accusations in a different light and point of view just to see if THAT WAY works?! Trying to baffle, befuddle, and fool all of the people and public who’ve already seen and heard all the testimonies on both sides (which proved Michael’s innocence in all charges against him!!). When even ONLY “ONE” of the charges could have put him behind bars for a very long time…Yet none did…none could…and none would! Yet even after all of that in that long drawn out trial...

Now, it should be criminal in what they are doing to him! In truly stalking his life, his memory, and legacy over and over and over again…doing this to him! He, who is supposed to be at peace now, at rest now…past and beyond the foils of all this malicious persecution of prosecution people keep throwing at him. Now even in his absence from this world and from Earth, when at rest in his grave, how can this still be allowed?! With the same old unproven evidence as before, only revamped!? How can the judicial system keep allowing for money-hungry seeking people like these to keep on using the system for their own selfish trumped up means? Where is the justice for the “PROVEN INNOCENT”? And why are these once former defenders of Michael and his innocence and integrity allowed to misuse the courts and the court system like this? Giving them a vile voice once again, and again, and again?! It's a waste of time for the already crowded courts and court system. With bigger and important cases to try than to keep retrying the one these particular plaintiffs themselves already proved of Michael’s innocence! Stop the madness! For when even the FBI themselves after decades of investigation and files gathering on him, unbeknownst by him, came to the conclusion that he was INNOCENT of anything of the likes he’d been accused of!!

I LOVE all my “Brothers J” and the Jackson Family! Especially Mother, who to me is like MY Mother in my heart! To keep putting her through all this is just cruel and heartless! So please leave my “brother” in heart, spirit, and soul, Michael Jackson, alone! He has escaped this world of trials, tribulations, torment and persecution.


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